The Home Depot and The U.S. Green Building Council – growing our LEED partnership

February 11th, 2012

The US Green Building Council (USGBC) is extremely excited to partner with The Home Depot on their LEED Initiative. This initiative demonstrates The Home Depot’s clear commitment to a more sustainable future through better buildings. One of the primary elements of this initiative is a product database. The LEED Initiative Points & Product Finder will serve as a terrific resource for any homebuilder, contractor, homeowner or DIY’er who is looking for products to satisfy the requirements of USGBC’s LEED for Homes Rating System.
The USGBC has been working closely with The Home Depot to identify thousands of products that, when used properly, can contribute to prerequisites (required measures) and credits (point earning measures) of the LEED for Homes Rating System. This list includes products that are currently available at any Home Depot store and online. The brilliant thing about building this database of products was that there was no need to bring in new or unique products to satisfy LEED requirements; they were already available at The Home Depot.
LEED for Homes certification is primarily for new construction, however this database can be used as a guide to help make green decisions no matter how big or small your project is. From windows to toilets to paint, this database provides a list of products that meet LEED’s stringent requirements and will help you make the right decision. This database will help guide anyone to the right product choices when deciding to build a greener project, even a LEED home.
One of the goals of the initiative was to educate people about LEED in general but more importantly to help distribute some of the knowledge required to build according to LEED standards. We anticipate that this site will provide familiarity with the LEED process, especially when it comes to products and materials. The website will also serve as a way for homeowners and professionals to educate themselves about the requirements of building a LEED home. USGBC will work with The Home Depot to provide know-how through blog posts and videos. Ongoing, the database will be updated regularly to include any new products that meet LEED requirements.
The US Green Building Council congratulates The Home Depot on their commitment to a more sustainable future. This initiative is one of many examples of The Home Depot’s green commitment. Partnering with a company possessing these values is an obvious fit for USGBC and being part of the Home Depot’s LEED Initiative is a very high priority for us. We look forward to this partnership moving forward and this database growing to become a significant resource for residential green products.

Kelsey Mullen
US Green Building Council